By: John Paul

They make you go outside

Statistics show that we are not spending enough time outdoors. My generation which grew up long before the internet is lamenting that children do not spend time outside and in fact it appears many of us are losing contact with the natural world.  No matter what your reasons your backyard can become a wonderful environment for just being outdoors.  Perhaps the current generation of youngsters would be more inclined to go out if there were “screens” and devices in the backyard.  With a wifi router and smart phones there should be no problem with connectivity.

They provide additional entertainment space

A backyard patio creates additional options and “extensions” (as in crowd overflow) for all kinds of parties, barbecues, and many other events.  Not only will you go outdoors more but if the right environment is created with lighting, portable propane heaters and rocks that masquerade as high quality speakers everyone will appreciate being able to enjoy all kinds of weather. Another nice ancillary benefit is that cleaning up is easier outside than it is inside when the party is over.

A place where the kids can be outside more often.

Design options are only limited by your creativity and budget

Beyond the obvious ideas for a magnificent hot-tub or outdoor covered kitchen replete with refrigerator, ice maker, running water and television screens (or monitors) there are many other options to consider.  For those of you that are more math and engineering inclined, as well as like doing things yourself maybe you want to install your own patio.  What a wonderful way to create a fun project involving the kids that can teach them about basic construction, geometry and the benefits of simple, common labor.  There can be a variety of perks to having a patio

A patio is a good investment

Patios have no limit because outside space is so versatile.  They are all unique in one way or another.  They can be integrated into the back of the house or a specific area of landscaping.  They can be designed for a “party” house or for privacy.  They open up space and make it comfortable to be outdoors.  They are easy or complex and their affordability is based on imagination and desire.  They will also increase the value of your home.