By: CB Duke

There are numerous historical precedents that link our dreams and aspirations to the vast expanse represented as the frontier.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of that which recalls a simpler easier time where the pace was not as great.  One simple way to reconnect with much that is buried in our subconscious DNA is to take a drive.  I am not suggesting across town to see family and friends but something entirely new and different.  This re-connection can have many benefits. 

Motor On

Forgetting for a moment about what is on your schedule and the possible impact of your carbon footprint from undertaking such a venture just sit back and say to yourself how far do I have to drive to get away and see something I have never seen before.  Surprisingly enough the short answer is not too terribly far.  For most of us we can be out of the city on a two-lane highway within 30 minutes.  After that we have the opportunity to explore new vistas, new places, a new restaurant, perhaps a park or forest walk or even a riverbank.  It is not necessary to see only vistas that are available on a travel channel.

Just planning such a trip can evoke sensations of pleasure, exhilaration and the long awaited desire to simply get away from it all.  Whether you go by yourself, take a companion or a group the opportunities are boundless for solitude, expression, quiet time and problem solving, discussion, observation and so much more.  And remember it is not about the time it takes getting from point A to point B, it is only about the journey.

Time to Space

For those of us that commute in a vehicle, generally in solitary mode, and especially in large metropolitan areas, each day brings new adventures and encounters.  After all our minds must be focused to navigate and pilot our four wheeled pods just to get to work and back.  Vehicles today are more sophisticated and offer us many accoutrement throughout size and price class.  Naturally there is much to be associated with our individual and collective experiences with the “automobile”.  This also includes the different types of driving events that we must face.  And once again for most of us it is the daily grind of going to and from work, chauffeuring children or running errands. 

Therefore, the concept of a “road trip” needs to be embraced with the understanding that much of “your” vehicular experience is grounded in joy (buying a new car), comfort (from a luxurious interior and functionality), a pure quiet space (on occasion), and of course the normal anxiety, frustration and in some cases outrage from city traffic.

Meditation and Relaxation

Before giving up on the idea of hitting the road for so many reasons just give it a try.  Grab yourself, your spouse, significant other, child or children or just a friend and make a simple plan.  With everything that is at our fingertips today in this computerized, digitized world it will take some doing to get lost.  But getting lost is not the concern.  Taking the journey is what matters.  If you need something motivational take another look at the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken.  It is not about predisposition, psychoanalysis or crying over what might have been.  It has more to do with freedom, random choices however meaningful or meaningless and the simple pleasure in purposeful action that satisfies.  Want to take a drive?