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Dexter City Council hosts townhall regarding new fire station

This Monday night the Dexter City Council will decide whether or not to sign a letter of intent to enter into a purchase agreement for the MAVD property located on Dexter-Ann Arbor Rd. at Meadowview St.

In my opinion, this is significant.

By now everyone knows Dexter has needed a new fire station for 20 years and how all our civic leaders have been able to do is talk, talk, talk, talk … (YAWN!) … for 20 years. It has become a standing joke for governmental impotence.

But this City Council is different. They have slogged their way through the chest-deep muck of different sites and options for each, sharp differences of opinion with just as sharp arguments, and of course criticism from all sides. They have now come to a point of action however popular and unpopular it will be.

Their fortitude in a matter that has stymied former city leaders shouldn’t be overlooked. The problem that has delayed action for so long is that there is no clear-cut answer for a new fire station. Past councils have responded to the problem by passing the buck to future councils.

But not this council and this is one reason why tonight’s council meeting is significant – this Dexter City Council will be taking action in one direction or another. The purchase agreement, approved or not, is in no way a final decision either way, but it is movement.

The possible directions, if you have not been following along, has come down to 2 viable options:

  • Remodel the current fire station
  • Building a new fire station

That’s it. Whatever you might be wondering about with other properties – Copeland School, American Legion, Mill Creek Sports, various vacant lots, the industrial park, EVERYTHING – has already been studied by engineers and planners and subsequently eliminated due to lot size, cost, or code.

Now there are two choices left, but that doesn’t make it simple. The issue is polarized. Proponents of each option are firmly entrenched in their opinion and are not switching sides, whether residents or city officials. No matter what decision is made, there will be people pleased as well as folks who are not.

Regardless, this council continues to wrestle their way forward in a very difficult issue and that is something we haven’t seen in 20 years.

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