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The City of Dexter continues to move forward on their Pedestrian Safety Projects. Now that the city has approved the civil engineering firm OHM assessment on how improve the security of walking around Dexter, especially for students going to and from school, the city council is ready to methodically move forward with the plan.

The OHM Scope was described as a “master plan” for pedestrian safety at last night’s city council meeting. It won’t all happen right away, but it will happen over the next couple years moving at the speed of budget.

Walking Map

The first order of business discussed was a review of a draft for a walking map. The map is designed to move students from the neighborhoods to the schools in most direct route possible, but with safety in mind and coming as top priority.

The DRAFT walking map can be found on the City’s website here beginning on page 128.

Crosswalk Standards

Approval of the walking map will finalize crosswalk locations which will in turn then determine necessary markings, signage, and signals for each. In the process, standardization procedures will be established for future crosswalk determinations. Standards will be a collaboration of input from Washtenaw County, the City of Ann Arbor, Dexter Community Schools, and the City of Dexter.

Design of Forest Street sidewalk

A project that has been in the works for a while is a sidewalk along Forest Street. The design is being finalized.

Lighting Enhancements

Once the crosswalk locations have been finalized, DTE will be given the plans to determine the appropriate lighting. The City currently has 16 teardrop light fixtures. DTE will install the lighting improvements. The City will pay for their services.


Mayor Keough has maintained from the beginning that education is a key element in the success of any improvements. OHM strongly recommends continuing education for the community about the use of crosswalks and the new signals.

The City’s efforts thus far to educate and increase pedestrian safety awareness include:

  • The Walk Bike Drive Safe brochure will be included in the May 15th water bill mailing.
  • The Farmers Market distributed brochures, bike lights, safety light wristbands, and safety light armbands on May 11, 2019.
  • Information on the campaign will be included in the e-mail update/website/Facebook.

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