|90 sec read | by Doug Marrin |

The Millennium Place condo development moved forward with the approval of the Dexter City Council Monday, July 1. While Dexter is experiencing a condo boom, and some have voiced concern over the high price of luxury condos and Dexter housing in general, Millennium Place has been designed with those concerns in mind.

“We want to create a different kind of place,” Jack Campbell of Marhofer/Campbell Development Co. told City Council. “One of the most essential benefits to the city is that this type of development doesn’t really yet exist.”

Millennium Place, located on Grand Street across from another condo development – Grandview Commons – offers both townhouse and apartment-style condos. Millennium Place is designed to appeal to purchasers who find themselves unable or unwilling to purchase a home in a traditional subdivision of stand-alone homes. The development will offer the possibility for ownership within the City with access to the downtown, schools, and parks.

The key to the project has been in the approval of a zoning deviation.

Zoning for houses in the City calls for a maximum density of 4.4 units per acre. The City’s Master Plan designates 2-3 story apartment-type buildings to not exceed a density of 9 units per acre. Millennium Place asked for, and was granted, a deviation that would allow them to build 23 living units on .71 acres. The deviation was recommended by Dexter’s Planning Commission because it was believed to be compatible with the intent of the Master Plan and vision for the area.

One of those visions is to find a way to create affordable housing in the City of Dexter. The smaller units will have a lower price. When asked what range the price might be however, Campbell declined an estimate.

“We’ve got different price ranges, but to tell you what those prices are today would be impossible,” says Campbell. “If I get a construction bid this week, it may be different next week. So at this stage of the game to give a price, even a range of prices, it wouldn’t be correct.”

The 23-unit development will consist of:

  • 3 – two story townhouses approx. 1,438 sq. ft.
  • 2 – two to three bedroom condos approx. 1,405 sq. ft.
  • 18 – 2 bedroom condos approx. 800-1,200 sq. ft.

There will be 1.5 parking spaces per unit with a total of 35 spaces created on the complex and 4 additional parking spaces on Grand St. that will be public parking.

Millennium Place is being designed to provide a range of affordable housing options to complement the surrounding neighborhood with a variety of building materials on the exterior to give it some urban flair and avoid the bland look such buildings can sometimes have.

The next step is to begin the bidding process. No date has been given yet as to when construction may start.