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Below are excerpts from Mayor Keough’s report to Dexter City Council at their May 13, 2019 meeting.

Hello Residents and Council,

Here is my report of recent activities and my calendar of planned Dexter activities looking ahead:

Update on Phase 2 Mill Creek Park efforts with Dexter Community Schools

On May 6, 2019, the Dexter Community School Board approved a letter of support for the City’s Phase 2 Trail project that will accompany the City’s permit application to the State of Michigan. I would personally like to thank the School Board as well as their Superintendent Dr. Timmis for their help getting this approved.

There has been a lot of cooperation, several on site meetings and personal attention by the Board members and the Superintendent’s office to help the City as we work to finalize important details regarding the project alignment and schedule for the project. Over the next couple of weeks, the City and School Board will be working together to finalize an easement agreement for the project.

The City held a Grade Inspection meeting with the Michigan Department of Transportation on May 2nd, and I am pleased to report that at this time we are on schedule to have final plans turned in by the June 21st deadline. Tentatively bids would be opened in September 2019. Many thanks again to the DCS Board members and their staff for helping the City on this project.

Town Hall meeting to discuss upgrading our current City Offices and Fire Station

On behalf of City Council, I would like to thank all members of the community that attended our Town Hall meeting on Saturday, April 27th. Thank you letters will be mailed or emailed to those that signed the attendance sheet. We had a good turnout and I was pleased with the audience participation. I came away with a few general sentiments based on the questions that were asked and the comments made by the public at the meeting:

1. Our presentation contained a lot of information, perhaps too much detail in some areas, however, Council felt this was necessary for those that were new to the topic.

2. The audience clapped a couple times when there was mention of finding an efficient, cost effective solution to renovate the existing fire station.

3. The audience seemed supportive of the need to improve both City Hall and our fire station. No one in the audience indicated that we should keep the status quo.

4. Response time was voiced as an important component of the decision by several members of the audience that asked questions or made comments.

City Council will be discussing the meeting, the feedback and next steps on May 13th as part of our Council agenda. The information presented at the meeting has been posted to the City website. Feedback is appreciated at any time.


With the help of City Manager Nicholls, I have prepared the attached proclamation in support of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Dexter American Legion Auxilary Post 557

I look forward to seeing you around our town.
Shawn Keough
Mayor, City of Dexter