By: Letitia Wright

Curb appeal is kind of a uniquely American thing.  Perhaps it has to do with the evolution of suburbia and home ownership.  In simple terms curb appeal can be defined as how attractive a “home” is as viewed from the street.  Landscaping is a critical part of the curb appeal equation and this impacts more than just the visual from the street but can add value and interest from prospective buyers (after all, everything is for sale).  It can also have environmental impacts, helping to save money on heating and cooling, creating environments for plant and animal life as well as simple pleasure for the homeowner.

Rock and boulder scaping can help create plant able areas and protect against erosion.  Filling in areas with colorful seasonal flowers enhances the overall look and adds beauty.  The addition of perennials, trees, shrubbery and planning for ease of mowing can complete the look. We have all heard the adage “make a good first impression”.  Believe it or not, curb appeal is a major factor when selling a home. A good first impression is absolutely key in getting the right. Landscaping can certainly boost your home’s curb appeal

Depending on the area where you live (some neighborhoods have streetlights) you may want to consider some lighting to enhance the “nighttime” look of your yard and home.  With the advent of so many solar powered lights you have a great deal to choose from and all you need do is put them in the ground.  Where they are put is a matter of personal taste.  Pathways always make sense and while floodlights have their obvious purpose there are a considerable number of options for mood lighting that can be part of the house or in strategic parts of the yard.  .

Plant flowers, create environmental areas

There are so many ways to get ideas on where to plant and what to plant.  The internet provides just about everything you need and there are many competent landscape and nursery companies who will be glad to help.  Beyond that are considerations for pollinator friendly areas and rather than just grass (which is the largest single Crop” in the United States) think about creating meadows with wildflowers and other perennials. If your home façade permits you may also want to consider hanging baskets and other decorative items.

A well kept lawn

Often easier said than done but important is how you keep your lawn.  There are so many considerations from water quality, sunlight and heat, type of grass and appropriate nutrition if you are a do-it-yourselfer.  If not there are many companies to help that are just a phone call away.

Meadow with wild flowers

Make sure there is a view

As with anything there needs to be a balance.  Try not to overdo.  It is also important to maintain that balance.  We are dealing with living things and they have a life cycle.  They grow and die.  Plan ahead to maintain, prune and rotate out.  Don’t be afraid to make changes.  It actually is something you might just find incredibly satisfying while you protect and enhance your investment