By: Simon Pogoreloff

Intellectual Mechanics

Sometimes the pieces fit together…perfectly.  And it seems that life can go on forever.  How simple the process of navigating life is…as an animal.  But what about an animal that knows what it knows?  And what about those that came before and the accumulation of knowledge?  Excepting science.  Thesis unrelenting, what magnificence with logic portending arrogance.

And yet all animals sequester knowledge.  Sometimes I stumble along trails long since rode. That is where probability, essence and yielding to building blocks may unlock the genetic code.  Call it intuition and instinct.

And perhaps immortality…knowing where instinct comes from! And odes long since sung.  There is a necessity to humility and the search for perfection.  Learn, accumulate, grow and progress but why ogle perfection, it is already perfect.

This is a race that cannot be won…only understood…and navigated.