| 30 sec read | by Doug Marrin |

Dexter has begun working towards improved pedestrian movement around the City. Plans have been established, bids are being collected, work will soon begin.

Ann Arbor has been leading the way by aggressively improving their own crosswalks over the past few years. One such troublesome intersection was in Kerrytown at the corner of Fifth St. and Detroit St. Crossing the road was hair-raising due to too few crosswalks, wide lanes, and poor street and sidewalk conditions.

The City installed 3 mid-block crosswalks, a median, and narrower traffic lanes. As a result, pedestrian movement around the farmers market and Kerrytown is now much safer.

A traffic study was conducted before and after the improvements were made and show the dramatic improvement to pedestrian safety. It is a principle that the City of Dexter is following – that design and engineering affect human behavior.