The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department submits their monthly report to Dexter City Council for police services provided to the city. Here are the highlights from the June 2019 report. The entire report can be found at this link beginning on page 49.

Noteworthy events in Dexter City during last month include:

  • On 6/4/2019, Deputies responded to the intersection of Grand and Broad Street for a report of an individual pointing a firearm at two unknown subjects in the cemetery. Deputies arrived on-scene and determined that the individuals involved were high school students filming for a school related assignment and that the weapon was a toy.
  • On 6/4/2019, Deputies investigate a report of a stolen vehicle in the 300 block of Cambridge Drive. The caller indicated that they had loaned their vehicle to a friend and the friend was no refusing to return the vehicle. Through their investigation, Deputies were able to identify a suspect and contacted a neighboring jurisdiction where the suspect resided. The vehicle was later recovered unoccupied and charges are pending.
  • On 6/26/2019, Deputies investigated a Fraud which occurred over the internet in the 8000 block of Huron Street. The victim received a ‘Pop-Up’ on her computer which gave the suspect remote access. The suspect was able to obtain banking information and convinced the victim to purchase several pre-paid gift cards as a “refund” for funds deposited into the victim’s account. The victim provided the suspect with the card numbers over the phone, and therefore no suspect information has been obtained. The investigation continues.