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The City has included in Monday night’s agenda the written public feedback they have received on the topic of a new fire station.

The possibilities for a new firehall, if you have not been following along, have come down to 2 viable options:

  • Remodel the current fire station
  • Building a new fire station

That’s it. Whatever you might be wondering about with other properties – Copeland School, American Legion, Mill Creek Sports, various vacant lots, the industrial park, EVERYTHING – has already been studied by engineers and planners and subsequently eliminated due to lot size, cost, or code.

You can find detailed information on the different sites in the minutes of City Council’s meetings always made public being posted on their website. Give yourself some time to dig. There’s lots of information scattered through the past couple years of notes.

However, you can read recent public input in detail here beginning on page 79. Dexter area residents did not disappoint with their insights and questions.

Of the 26 responses the City has received, 5 favored remodeling the current fire station and 11 prefer a new fire station to be built on the MAVD property. The remaining 10 responses commented on the process and/or wondered about the Copeland property which has been ruled out.

Below are two letters from DAFD firefighters. Amid all the swirling conversation and opinion, it’s important to hear from those who actually work the job, who are expected to perform to the high standards of such emergency services.

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