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The family and friends of Nathaniel Burrell have had a long battle over the past two years since their son, brother, and friend was diagnosed with Stage IV Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.

This particular type of cancer is typically found in children and carries with it a poor prognosis in those at either extreme of the 1- to 20-year old age range. Nathaniel was in his late teens when the cancer was discovered on Sept. 2, 2017.

Now that the cancer is in stage four, the family has placed Nathaniel in hospice care, but are still holding out hope that treating physicians will pull off a late-game victory and save the life of a promising young man.

Nathaniel Burrell has been in hospice care since his cancer entered stage four.

“There are doctors willing and able to help Nathaniel at their clinics in both Arizona and Mexico. We believe these treatments are vital to Nathaniel’s fight to save his life,” said Barbara Burrell, Nathaniel’s mother in a Facebook post updating the family’s supporters on her son’s condition and also highlighting a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds.

Nathaniel was a high-school student thinking about starting his adult life and going to college in a few years when the cancer diagnosis dropped after a trip to urgent care and subsequent visit to St. Joseph’s Hospital of Chelsea, according to a story published in The Sun Times Newspaper on Feb. 11, 2019.

In the same story; Nathaniel’s father, Michael, details the financial devastation that the family has willingly taken on to fight for Nathaniel’s life with no sign of giving up.

“If there’s an overarching theme to this story,” said Michael in The Sun Times report. “We’ve done everything we can. We have no other options, to stay here is to surrender. It’s not just us.”

The Burrell’s medical bills tallied more than $2 million as of last February and the family told The Sun Times that they were financially tapped out.

The fundraising drive, which has currently raised nearly $18,000 from 292 contributors, has a goal of more than $32,000 and can be found here.

“We would love very much to go (to Arizona and Mexico for treatment options) but unfortunately our savings are no longer there to support such a trip,” Barbara said in her Facebook post.

” We will never give up as we have hope and faith. Would you be willing to help our family? Even the smallest donation helps. We are hoping to leave asap (sic). Cancer doesn’t wait.”

The funds will be used to transport Nathaniel for treatment elsewhere in the United States and abroad, if need be, while the remainder of funds raised will be used to cover the cost of his hospice care and ongoing treatments. His medicines along run $1,500 each month, according to Barbara.

The Burrell family suggested other means of helping, including:

There is a similar Facebook fundraising page located here.

You can donate to me using PayPal also. This is my mom’s account https://www.paypal.me/barbburrell

Donations can also be sent non-electronically to the following Post Office Box:

Nathaniel Burrell
PO Box 504 
Chelsea, MI 48118