By: Simon Pogoreloff


Yielding but not giving in,
this is the only dance there is. 
Structured hypnosis promulgated,
as tales of untold beliefs. 
Where time is, and time was. 
No place for space, the final frontier
obfuscated across dimensions of which,
only one is time.

If God were here,
would he say I’m sorry! 
Not likely as omnipotence is predisposed
to reflect upon itself.  
When death comes calling,
will we recall,
will we recall at all?

How can I be so arrogant to presume
the mind of god and afterlife?
I can’t, except for the fact,
those who think they can
do not see the forest for the dark matter.

A bee’s sting makes you
aware of the ephemeral,
but not the eternal.
Nothing is meant to last. 
Premature posing exasperates
that which entropy enhances. 

Selfless forgiveness is not unconditional love
and often begets and regrets. 
Holiness beckons,
what a weakness can’t feel. 
And always remember…
mass exists with a force that is real
whether you believe it or not. 
No faith required.